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what is Pongal | Pongal celebration customs traditions and rituals

what is Pongal | Pongal celebration customs traditions and rituals

Pongal is basically agricultural and harvest pageant celebrated in state. establish the rituals and customs of Pongal and skills to celebrate Pongal pageant.Pongal is widely known in Republic of India, particularly within the Tamil land as agricultural and a harvest pageant. The pageant marks the top of the chilly winters and once the Uttarayan commences. This entails that the sun begins its move towards the north. it's a lot of normally observed as Uttarayan Punyakalam, that may be a terribly auspicious occasion. If you fade the Tamil calendar, it's celebrated for four days, the primary of the four being the Last Judgement of the Margazhi or Margashish month, that falls on December-January. It ends with the third day of the Thai, that falls on January-February. thus if you follow the New Style calendar, Pongal falls round the 12-15 of Gregorian calendar month.

Traditions, Rituals and Customs Of Pongal 

The most common ritual encompassing Pongal is to wash the house and also the entire space wherever you're living. All the members of the family get along take a shower early within the morning on all the four days of the pageant. there's the standard apparel for the ladies in South-India, that's the 0.5 dress and Lehenga and Angavastram for men.Kolam is a vital ingredient of the Pongal, that is formed of rice flour paste and water or milk or coconut milk. This white paste is very holy and folks might add colors to the present Kolam to create vibrant styles. the doorway and additionally the within of the house and also the Puja space or area area unit embellished with this paste.

Having sugarcane is another custom throughout the Pongal. Exchanging of gifts is additionally an important facet of this pageant and is discovered by each member of the society. There area unit numerous terms for this Pongal gift like, Pongal Padi and Pongal parisu. this is often primarily the term used for the gifts conferred to the labourers. Employers additionally gift their staff on this occasion. except for this, gifts also are changed between families and different relatives and friends.

Traditional Gift things on Pongal

Although one will opt to gift something to the recipient, throughout Pongal some opt for the standard thanks to gift. they're sometimes any of the following:

Any idol or image of the Sun God, this is often known as the Surya Pongal 
Traditional ornamental things that comprise of the Bhogi Pongal
Wooden handicrafts things which will be bought or created by you 
Household items like utensils or different objects

The Pongal pageant is widely known for four days. allow us to establish however day by day of Pongal pageant is widely known.pongal is celebrated for four day whish specify below
The first day is named Bogi Pongal, wherever individuals worship the Sun God or Surya Devta and Mother Earth. the primary paddy harvested is barbecued to create rice, that is, boiling milk with rice, this is often additionally the special dish for the occasion.

The second day is named the Perum Pongal or Surya Pongal. this is often the foremost vital day of the four days wherever Surya is adored in conjunction with his consorts: Chaya and Samganya. individuals wear new garments on this occasion and it's customary to lightweight a hearth and throw all the previous and torn garments into it. They additionally get AN oil massage before tub.
The third day is named the Mattu Pongal wherever the animals attached  the agricultural community or apply like oxen area unit adored. they're clean, bathed, massaged and wearing vivacious colored attires created particularly for them.

    The fourth day is named the Thiruvalluvar or Kanum Pongal. On this final day, individuals pay a visit to their relatives and friends. Puja is performed by the ladies of the house praying for the well being and prosperity of their brothers. a noteworthy custom is to depart some barbecued rice on banana leaves for the birds to feast on.
    Finally, if you examine the pageant from a really sensible purpose of read, you may notice that it's immense connectedness attributable to the very fact that the Sun, Mother Earth and oxen area unit adored. state may be a state that's barren of any perennial water resource then individuals invoke the blessings of the sun and rain gods posing for their benevolence.

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