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pongal celebration customs and legends in the world

Pongal Celebration in Asian country and world

Pongal is one among the foremost fascinating festivals commemorated with nice enthusiasm in Asian country. this is often an ancient harvest competition celebrated in Tamil Nadu state and is control within the 'Thai' month, that begins from time period to period of time. Pongal marks the start of 'Uttarayana', the sun's movement towards the north for successive vi months. For this reason, this competition is taken into account as AN auspicious and excellent occasion for all events. This competition is widely known to convey God and nature for blessing Earth with all the divine gifts in life. Pongal is widely known for four days and every day is celebrate din a novel manner. many rituals ar performed and plenty of customs ar followed throughout these auspicious days. Today, Pongal isn't solely celebrated by the natives of Tamil Nadu alone, however conjointly by different South Indian natives too. browse additional concerning the Pongal celebrations in Asian country within the following lines.


The first day of the Pongal celebrations is named 'Bhogi' competition and is discovered in honor of Lord Indra, the 'God of Rains and Clouds'. folks supply their prayers to Lord Indra for the richness of harvest, which can bring prosperity and joy to the folks. As per tradition the folks can perform the 'Bhogi Mantalu' , that may be a vital ritual performed on at the present time. Useless or surplus unit articles ar flung into a cumulus of wood and cow-dung cakes. Meanwhile, the women dance round the cumulus, singing songs to praise the Gods.


On at the present time, a sacred ceremony is conducted to please the deity and different deities. They celebrate at the present time by preparation rice in milk in a very new stuff pot within the outdoors. 2 sticks of sugar canes, coconuts and bananas ar offered on a plate additionally to the boiling of the rice ceremony. The folks dress in their finest ancient apparel throughout the rituals. varied styles referred to as 'kolam' ar adorned on the ground mistreatment lime powder as a part of the festivities. Another distinctive ritual is performed, wherever the husbands and wives in every unit, throw away the utensils used for rituals and 'poojas'.


The 'Mattu Pongal', forms the third day of the Pongal competition celebrations and is entirely dedicated to cows. in step with the competition traditions, the reverberant  bells, flower garlands, sheaves of corn and multi-colored gems ar tied round the kine and ar loved with all sincerity. The 'pongal' dish, that is ready as a part of the festivities, is fed to the kine then they're taken to the village centres. The bell sounds can attract the folks within the village and generally kine races are performed by the young men within the village. 'Arati' is then performed on the kine to keep at bay look.


The fourth day of Pongal celebrations, conjointly referred to as 'Kannum Pongal' marks the tip of the Pongal celebrations. one among the rituals performed on at the present time includes the laundry of the turmeric leaf and inserting it on the bottom by girls throughout the first hours of the morning. pepper vine leaves, betel nuts, 2 sugar cane items, turmeric leaves, plantains and also the leftovers of the sweet pongal and vennpongal are going to be placed on it turmeric leaf. All the ladies within the house can assemble within the grounds once this ritual is performed and that they can pray for the prosperity of the house and family. Arati are going to be performed on each male member with rice, rock and turmeric water. The Dravidian designed within the front of the house are going to be besprent with this turmeric water.

Pongal competition marks the tip of the farming amount and represents the veneration of the primary fruits of the harvest season. All four days ar celebrated with huge passion by the natives of Tamil Nadu, though in some places, solely the second day is taken into account necessary.

Legends of Pongal Festival Celebration 


According to this legend, Lord Indra, the 'God of Rain and Clouds', became proud and proud when he became the king of all the deities. once the folks honored him with their offerings, he became additional proud. to show him a lesson, young Lord avatar convinced his cowpuncher friends and also the folks within the village to worship the Govardhan Mountain rather than Lord Indra. He convinced them oral communication that the mountain provided food for kine then the mountain ought to be loved. So, from then on, the complete village began to supply their prayers and loved the mountain.

This enraged Lord Indra and he fined the folks with endless significant rains, blizzards, thunder and lightning to make disturbance within the village. Lord avatar then raised the large Govardhan Mountain in his pinkie to safeguard the folks and kine for 3 days. Lord Indra accomplished his mistake and also the divine power of Lord avatar, that created him to raise young Lord avatar for his forgiveness. Lord avatar forgave Lord Indra for his acts and celebrations were organized for Lord Indra as per Lord Krishna's desires. Thus, 'Bhogi' became the primary day of Pongal celebrations.


This legend revolves around Lord Shiva and his bull, 'Nandi'. One day, Lord Shiva asked his bull to deliver a message to the folks in Earth, to own AN oil massage and a shower on a daily basis and to eat food just once a month. At that time of your time, Nandi was terribly sleepyheaded and he failed to keep in mind the precise message told by Lord Shiva. So, Nandi instead proclaimed to the folks living in Earth, to own oil massage and tub just once a month and to consume food everyday. Lord Shiva on realizing Nandi's mistake, became furious at Nandi and told that attributable to this, there would be no grains left on Earth. Lord Shiva then banished Nandi to measure on earth forever and facilitate the folks in tilling the fields. 'Mattu Pongal', the third day of the Pongal celebrations originated with this legend.
Pongal may be a common and ancient competition celebrated religiously in Tamil Nadu, with nice fun and fervor. it's believed that this competition originated because of many legends. several of the functions and rituals performed throughout the Pongal celebrations is in reality supported these legends.

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