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Lohri celebration meanings and traditions 2016

Lohri Celebration meanings and traditions

Just as several Indian festivals have some traditional knowledge hooked up to them, Lohri too is connected with some legends and traditions. Lohri is well known to mark the top of the dreary and awfully cold month of Pos (mid Dec to middle Gregorian calendar month) on thirteenth of January. future day i.e., ordinal of Gregorian calendar month is determined as Makar Sankranti, that accompanies the brilliant and sunny month of Hindu calendar month. Lohri could be a joyful occasion for the newly-wed couples, World Health Organization would be celebrating their 1st Lohri once wedding and for the new born son in an exceedingly family, World Health Organization would celebrate his 1st ever Lohri

Legends Of Lohri celebartion 

The Legend of Sun God 
A group  of village maidens collected and visited all the households in their neighborhood soliciting for cow-dung cakes, simply many days before Lohri. They gathered around each house and musical We have return, all the women of the village. We have return to your courtyard.The maidens continued  collection cow-dung cakes, until they gathered a veritable pile. They, then, deposited the pile in one house and came back to their several homes. The maidens performed this ritual for a legitimate reason. it's believed that their forefathers developed a sacred mantra to guard the women from cold. This was to invoke the sun god to send heat to such associate degree extent that the winters won't have an effect on them. In return, they wont to chant this mantra around a hearth on the day of reckoning of Pans as variety of thanking the god.
The song on this occasion is:

 wherever have the shawls and braziers gone?
 To the golden mountain: wherever's the golden mountain gone?
To the sun's ray: Where has the sun's ray gone?
To the sun: Where's the sun gone?
 To the fire: the fireplace burns, the ray warms
The snows soften, the cold days have complete.

 The folks believed that the flames presented their message to the sun. The morning following Lohri is comparatively hotter and folks feel less chilly. Another Version of Lohri In older times, folks lit fires to stay away the zoophagous animals and defend their habitations. everybody contributed to the current communal hearth, right from young boys and women to the old folks. the same as the yesteryears once children collected fuel from the jungles, these days teenagers is seen collection cow-dung cakes from the neighborhood.

The balefire lit on Lohri is that the image of protective folks furthermore as go to hearth. Couples supply prayers to the fireplace for a lot of youngsters, whereas folks is seen soliciting for husbands for his or her unwedded daughters. The Legend of Dullah Bhatti Lohri is related to variety of weddings and therefore, songs, supported the recent romance of Dulla Bhatti or Rai Abdullah Khan Bhatti ar extraordinarily well-liked on this occasion. it's a tale of a brave Rajpoot individual, World Health Organization saved an attractive woman from the clutches of lustful Mughal officers. The Rajpoot adopted the woman and married her off to a young Hindu boy, giving a weight unit of sugar as her present. This incident materialized throughout the harvest season.

Thus, Lohri is commemorated to the current brave and unselfish act of the resolute Dulla. On the eve of Lohri the foremost well-liked songs sung by teams of boys invariably finish with the exclamation
 Sundri Mundri Hei! Hoi!
Tera Kaun Bechara! Hoi!
 Dullah Bhatti wala! Hoi!
Dullah Di Dhi viyahi ! Hoi !
Sher ShaKar pai! Hoi!
 Kuri Delaware Mamme aaye! Hoi!
 UnaNe ChuRi Kuti! Hoi!
 Jimidari Lutti! Hoi!
Ik kola GhuT Gaya! Jimidar Apni......
The history of Lohri dates back to the story of Indus vale civilization. tho' there area unit totally different stories associated with the origin of Lohri, it's chiefly celebrated as a harvest pageant. The pageant is widely known to mark the tip of winter and also the coming spring. Bonfires area unit lit, ancient songs and dances accompany the fireplace within the evening. Lohri is widely known essentially in Punjab, however is seen in Haryana, urban center and components of Himachal Pradesh yet. This North-Indian pageant coincides with Pongal in Tamil Nadu, Makar Sankranti in geographical area, Magh Bihu in Assam and Tai Pongal in Kerala. there's a stimulating cultural history behind this fun-filled pageant. to understand a lot of on the history of Lohri.

History or Background of Lohri festival

History Of Lohri pageant numerous attention-grabbing socio-cultural fables and people legends area unit related to Lohri. The cultural history of this pageant centers a couple of Hindoo tribe referred to as Bhatti, throughout the reign of Akbar within the inhabited  components of Rajasthan, Punjab and Gujarat. Raja of Pindi Bhattian.

Dulla Bhatti, was sentenced to death by the Mughal king for repelling against him. The history of the tribe is copied by the social group Mirasis (street singers), United Nations agency claim that prince Ranjit Singh is one amongst their scions. Dulla Bhatti was a Punjabi version of fictitious character, United Nations agency wont to rob the made and facilitate the poor. He was blue-eyed and revered by the social group folks. it's conjointly aforementioned that he once saved a lady from the abductors, when that he adopted her as his female offspring.This hero is remembered once a year on this pageant. On the occasion, youngsters in teams move from door to door and sing the Dulla Bhatti song.Dulla Bhatti song is famous only on the occassion of Lohri.

 Dulla Bhatti ho.
 Dulle ne dhi viyahi ho.
 Ser shaker pai ho.
 Dulla gave his female offspring a kilogram of sugar as a wedding gift. A pageant dedicated to fireside and also the sun God, Lohri is that the time once the sun transits the zodiac sign Makar (Capricorn) and starts moving towards the north. this can be remarked because the sun turning into Uttarayan in pseudoscience terms. The new arrangement is believed to reduce the intensiveness of winter and convey heat to earth.

The pageant is determined to beat back the biting cold of the month of Jan by lighting bonfires, saltation around it in a very mood of friendliness. One will correlate hearth with the thought of life and health. it's a logo of transformation and regeneration. hearth is expounded with rays of sunshine on one hand and with gold on the opposite hand, since it's the representative of the sun. folks believe that the fireplace is capable of stimulating the expansion of cornfields and also the well-being of man and animals. Lohri hearth gets holy and commemorated sort of a deity; reason being it's a picture of energy and religious strength. folks supply peanuts, popcorn and sweets like til ladoo, chirva, gajak and gajak to the fireplace to proliferate it as a logo of the Sun God.

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