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pongal celebration in the world and pongal importance

pongal celebration in the world and pongal importance

Pongal celebration in the the world

Pongal, the Tamil harvest competition is well known with nice zest and vigor by Indian all round the world. With the dispersion of Tamils all across the world, the jubilations and festivities close this distinguished harvest competition of south Asian nation will currently be witness throughout the globe. For Tamils living abroad, far flung their motherland, the competition of Pongal holds nice significance because it keeps them tied in to their culture and traditions. aside from neighboring countries like country that homes an excellent several Tamils, the celebrations of pongal may be witnessed even throughout Australia, the ecu countries in addition because the USA, wherever a big Tamil community resides. On in this day and age Tamils altogether round the world prepare luscious foods and provide their prayers where they be. one in every of the foremost delicious sweet dishes ready from rice, milk, cardamom, jaggery, raisins, mung dhal, and cashew loopy is one in every of the foremost necessary delicacies ready throughout the competition. If you want to grasp however the competition of pongal is well known all round the world, scroll down.

Pongal In Africa 

In African countries like Mauritius and Republic of South Africa the competition of Pongal is well known with exceptional zeal. As a large population of Tamils live here, the competition of Pongal here is recognized as a public vacation. All the rituals related to competition area unit performed with Brobdingnagian sincerity and Indians from everywhere the region be part of the festivities. There area unit many cultural organizations that organize several cultural festivals in numerous cities in these regions.

Pongal In Europe

In European countries like kingdom, France, FRG and European nation etc. one will witness the pongal celebrations being celebrated on a grand scale. All the Hindu temples in these regions area unit elegantly adorned by the native Tamil residents and nice banquets area unit organized. The Indians additionally participate in many cultural festivals related to Pongal.

Pongal In America 

Around one third of 1,000,000 Tamils reside within the USA and different yankee countries like Canada. an excellent settlement of Tamils exists in countries like Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and different places within the Caribbean in addition as Co-operative Republic of Guyana and Dutch Guiana in South America. These individuals of Tamil descent United Nations agency are living in these far flung lands for generations still hold to their culture and tradition. many cultural associations here take the initiative of organizing grand functions on the occasion of Pongal and therefore the competition is well known abundantly in accordance to the rituals and customs.

Pongal In South East Asia 

In Southeast Asian countries like Pongal in Dutch East Indies, Singapore, Asian nation and Asian country, the native Tamil population actively takes half within the Pongal celebrations. Over course of 4 day celebration of Pongal, the temples within the region area unit adorned ornately and every one the rituals area unit performed with Brobdingnagian zeal and sincerity. individuals clean their homes and cook food in keeping with the Pongal traditions. Rice is additionally broiled in temples whereas reciting Pongal prayers. large banquets area unit organized and therefore the festivities area unit marked by singing, saltation and elaborate prayers.

Pongal within the Gulf

In the Gulf counties like Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, the competition Pongal offers a chance for the Hindu community to pay your time along and celebrate the culture and therefore the tradition. Indians gather on in this day and age and elaborate meals area unit organized. ancient dances and songs also are performed at community centers on this auspicious day. The celebrations of pongal may be witnesses all round the world attributable to the diaspora of Tamil population. Be it Asian nation or the other country the festivities and rejoicing close the competition remains constant.

Celebrated for four days, pongal is a crucial harvest competition in south Republic of India and is widely known with huge passion and ardor. conjointly called Makar Sankranti, in some elements of the country, pongal is widely known on the primary day of Thai, once the sun enters the Makara Rasi (Capricornus). Marking the arrival of spring within the entire hemisphere, the history of the competition is derived back to thousand years. On this auspicious day the Tamils adorn their homes with banana and mango leaves. They conjointly use ornamental patterns drawn victimisation rice flour to welcome health and prosperity into their unit. the amount is remarked as Uttarayan Punyakalam that bears special significance in Hindu mythology and is taken into account to very auspicious. in step with the legends, this is often the amount once the Devas come to life once a 0.5 a year-long slumber throughout this era and bestow wealth and prosperity on earth. it's a standard belief that individuals UN agency die throughout Uttarayana attain salvation as in step with the religious text, Bheeshma conjointly waited for the dawn of Uttarayana to present up his life. If you would like to find out additional regarding the which means and significance of pongal, scroll down.

Pongal which means & Significance

Bhogi Pongal

The first day of pongal is additionally called Bhogi and is widely known on the Day of Judgment of the month of Margazhi. On this auspicious day individuals embellish their homes with paints and obtain new vessels to mark a brand new starting. On these days individuals conjointly paint the horns of buffaloes and oxen in some regions in south Republic of India. In northern states like Punjab, these days is thought as Lohri and in state the day is widely known as Magha Bihu, the day on that the harvests square measure collected.

Thai pongal or perum ponga

The second day of the competition called, Perum Pongal holds the best significance. On these days individuals take early bathtub and provide prayers to the sun god, Hindu deity and request his blessing for adequate harvest of the remainder of the year and so these days is additionally called Hindu deity Pongal. On these days ladies adorn the central curtilage of their homes with lovely kolams, through with rice flour and seagirt with clay.

Mattu Pongal

The third day of the competition is named Mattu Pongal. The cows square measure bathed and embellished with vermilion and garlands, and aartis square measure performed. these days is additionally marked for the spectacle called, 'manji-virattu' that is organized in sure elements of south Republic of India. In some elements these days is widely known as 'Kannu Pongal', the day on that ladies provide prayers for god health and long lifetime of their brothers. Grand banquets and family gathering square measure organized on these days. with the exception of this, ancient dances like kummi and kolattam are performed on these days.

Pongal Dish 

One of the foremost vital and symbolic customs related to the competition of pongal is that the preparation of the pongal dish. Milk is poured in new metal or material pots and is stewed. To the boiling milk, the rice, sugarcane and turmeric leaves, collected from the new harvest square measure poured. The neck of the pot is tied with tender turmeric leaves and also the dish is obtainable to the Hindu sun god, Surya. All the ingredients employed in the preparation of the dish bear a special significance. Whereas, milk and rice signify wealth and prosperity, the turmeric leaves indicate the the great things to come back within the coming back year.
One of the good Hindu harvest festivals pongal holds special significance, particularly in south Indian culture. Celebrated over a amount of 4 days, the which means and significance of the competition are mentioned within the article on top of. Hope it familiarised you with all the aspects of pongal.

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