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Chinese new year facts Images Wallpapers For Desktop

Chinese new year facts Images Wallpapers For Desktop 


Chinese year Facts
Chinese year, conjointly referred to as Spring competition, is that the most significant ancient competition in China. it's a time for annual family reunion, that is as grand because the Charismas Day in western countries. Here below square measure some fun facts regarding this vacation.
2016 competition dates 2016 year falls on February eighth (Monday), and also the celebration can last for 15 days until February twenty second (Lantern Festival).
In the house decoration for the vacation, red color is wide employed in photos, paper cutting yet as spring couplets. the very fact is that red, thought of evil in western countries, is that the token of fortune, wealth and prosperity in China, which might thrust back the spirit and charm to sensible luck.The full country is on the move.No matter wherever the travelers square measure, they might conceive to come back home for a family reunion. The world's largest human migration takes place annually in China, that is magnificently referred to as Spring competition Travel Rush. There square measure over a billion folks on planes, trains, buses and cars to reunite with their families.
This is a awfully attention-grabbing reality - in northern space of China, folks get accustomed having dumplings served at the reunion dinner; whereas folks from south China like rice cakes (Niangao), that square measure manufactured from adhesive rice flour.lamp competition marks the top.
The lamp competition comes on the fifteenth day of the primary lunation, and Chinese folks sometimes get pleasure from a lamp honest or take a Shehuo people performance on the streets for fun.
There will be a year-end cleanup happening in each family on twenty fourth of the last lunation before the vacation, that is AN activity to expel away the misfortune and impoverishment.
The reunion dinner on the New Year’s Eve may be a feast to commemorate the past year, that is that the terribly moment to be with families.
According to the legend, the monster “Nian” is scared of loud sound, therefore folks set out fireworks to scare away it. Today, pyrotechnic is additional of AN indispensible celebration to enliven the air of Spring competition, particularly the largest pyrotechnic show on the national holiday Eve.
As the most watched TV program, the gala may be a should once the reunion dinner for a Chinese family. The four-hour long program collects numerous well-selected performances, targeting audience in several generations.

The competition dates changes once a year for it's outlined by the calendar, that sometimes falls on someday in January or February.It starts from the primary day of the primary month of the calendar and continues for 15 days to the lamp competition. the height time of the whole celebration is on the Chinese national holiday Eve and also the initial day.
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Most workers can have 7-12 days off the work, and students have one month winter vacation off.It is not solely celebrated in China, however conjointly ascertained in city, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore and a few alternative Asian countries yet as China towns round the world.

Why is that the celebration conjointly referred to as “Guo Nian”?

Nian is that the Chinese word for year. In people culture, the Spring competition celebration is additionally referred to as “Guo Nian” (meaning “passing a year”). In Chinese year story, “Nian” may be a fierce and cruel monster that eat placental mammal and children, however it's afraid regarding red color and cracker sound. Therefore, folks use red decorations and fireworks to run off “Nian”.Spring competition starts a replacement zodiac year.Every year comes with a replacement Chinese zodiac sign. supported the calendar, a whole cycle of the calendar is completed each sixty years, and twelve year is considered alittle cycle. every of the twelve years is outlined by totally different zodiac animal signs as well as Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig.


On the national holiday Day, everybody can dress in new garments to welcome a spic-and-span age in terms of all aspects. Red undergarment is additionally a requirement, that is believed able to bring sensible luck, wealth and longevity, particularly for middle-age folks.youngsters get red envelopes as gifts Red envelopes full of money square measure the foremost common gifts throughout Spring competition. youngsters can receive lucky cash from grandparents, uncles, aunts and alternative elders UN agency have began to earn the bread. the number of the money varies in step with the giver’s money standing.

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