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Meaning and history of pongal festival 2016

History meaning or rituals of pongal 

Every Indian pageant has heap of legends hooked up thereto and Pongal isn't any completely different. Originated as a Dravidian pageant, details of Pongal being celebrated area unit inscribed in temple in Tiruvallur and in Andal's 'Tiruppavai' and Manickavachakar's 'Tiruvembava'. Dated back to the Sangam Era in two hundred B.C to 300 B.C, there's a mention of the 'Thai Un' and 'Thai Niradal' that was believed to own been celebrated throughout the Sangam Age. throughout this era, divorced women wont to observe quick for the prosperity of the country, defer from exploitation milk and milk merchandise and refrain from exploitation unhealthy words. Pongal was conjointly celebrated by Aryans United Nations agency later migrated to India. many legends area unit related to Pongal with the distinguished ones being of Lord avatar United Nations agency secure the individuals and also the oxen beneath Mount Govardhan to flee the non-stop rain send by Lord Hindu deity and Of Lord Shiva and Nandi. browse on to understand a lot of regarding the history and origin of Pongal.

Sangam Era of pongal celebration

Pongal was aforesaid to be a pageant that was celebrated in atmospheric condition once individuals prayed for the heat of the sun. Later Aryans celebrated it United Nations agency continued  the worship even once migrating to India. History conjointly dates the Pongal celebrations back to Sangam Era. it's aforesaid maidens of the Sangam Era ascertained 'Pavai Nonbu' throughout 'Thai Niradal' that was conjointly a significant pageant throughout the rule of Pallavas (4th to eighth century A.D). However, the pageant was celebrated throughout the month of 'Margazhi' (December - January). throughout the pageant, it absolutely was customary for young women to hope for the prosperity of the country. at some stage in the month, they postponed from exploitation milk or milk merchandise, oiling the hair and avoided exploitation harsh words. arousal early within the morning, they offered prayers to divinity karthyayani that is incised out of wet sand. This, they believed would bring adequate precipitation to the paddy and therefore prosperity to the country.

Pongal throughout Cholas

As per the inscription found within the Veeraraghava temple at Tiruvallur, Chola King Kiluttunga precocious lands for the temple as a district of the Pongal celebrations. Epigraphic evidences justify the celebration of 'Puthiyeedu' (first harvest pageant of the year) throughout the medieval Chola Empire. As per Andal's 'Tiruppavai' (a verse in praise of Lord Vishnu) and Manickavachakar's 'Tiruvembava', individuals ascertained the pageant 'Thai Niradal' and ascertained 'Pavai Nonbu'.

Legends of pongal festival

There area unit many legends associated Pongal tho' the distinguished being the story of Lord Shiva and his Nandi and Govardhan Parbat. it's aforesaid that in earlier days, individuals wont to worship Lord Hindu deity that created him proud and think about himself mutually of the foremost powerful of all the gods. once Lord avatar complete it, he thought of teaching him a lesson. As a primary step, he started attend Mount Govardhan rather than Lord Hindu deity. Lord Hindu deity United Nations agency grew furious over this set to supply a non-stop thunder, lightning, flood and significant rains. However, Lord avatar United Nations agency resolve to guard the individuals, oxen and cowman, upraised the Mount Govardhan exploitation his finger and stayed because it is for 3 days until the rains stopped. Lord Hindu deity realizing his mistake, asked avatar forgiveness. Since then, Lord avatar allowed the individuals to hope to Lord Hindu deity as a part of the Bhogi celebrations. In another legend which works this fashion - Lord Shiva send his bull, Nandi to the world to inform individuals to require oil bathtub on a usual and eat once in a very month. However, Nandi got confused and instead asked the individuals to eat daily and have oil bathtub once in a very month. Lord Shiva, once he came to understand regarding it got angered and determined Nandi to remain on earth to assist individuals to plough the fields and harvest for a lot of food. therefore Pongal became a harvest pageant.

Pongal that falls on the month of Thai derived its name from the delicacy that is ready throughout the pageant. Celebrated as a harvest pageant or a thanksgiving ceremony, Pongal is additionally the occasion once the farmers categorical their because of the spirits of nature as well as sun and animals for bestowing an honest harvest. The pageant is well known in four days - Bhogi Pongal, Hindu deity Pongal, Mattu Pongal and Kanum Pongal during which daily has its own cultural and non secular significance. This makes the pageant a powerhouse of assorted traditions and customs. Be it creating a stunning Kolam, discarding the useless garments and utensils into the fire, making ready the delicious Pongal, feeding and exhibiting sugarcane or smearing the oxen with turmeric, all of them contribute to the wonder of the pageant. an ideal occasion for family get-togethers, Pongal is additionally synonymous  with gift exchanges. browse more to understand a lot of regarding the varied customs related to Pongal.

Kolam a most important thing

A Pongal isn't complete while not Kolam. a crucial component of the pageant, Kolam is that fabricated from rice powder, decorates each family. created in lovely styles and patterns, you'll realize this Kolam within the house and Puja area too.

Exchange of Gifts with friends and collegues

Gift exchange is another custom of Pongal. Gifts area unit changed between the relations, relatives and friends. There area unit common Pongal gift things like Pongal Padi and Pongal parisu that area unit usually the term used for those gifts that area unit conferred to the labourers. Organisations gift the workers throughout this auspicious occasion.

Discard the recent or old utensils with new one

A day before the Pongal, individuals discard garments and alternative useless family utensils into a fire that they created ahead of their house. the hearth burns the entire night and young boys dance around it, celebration and enjoying.

Cleaning family and making ready Pongal 

The most common ritual of Pongal is to wash the complete family. the lads and ladies of the family sporting ancient apparel, prepare a delicacy referred to as Pongal on the second day that is that the main day of the pageant, relations. They cook this delicious dish within the front garden of the house wherever flat sq. pitch is ready and embellished with Kolam. On a fire-hearth that is created of 3 bricks, Pongal is lyonnaise in a very clay pot that is crammed with water. The elder member of the family initiates the preparation whereas the remainder of the relations assist him. Once the water boils, rice is place into the pot with every loved one contributes together with his or her handfuls of rice. the most ingredients of the rice area unit brown cane sugar, candy, cow's milk or coconut milk, roast leguminous plant, raisins, cashew loco and pods of cardamom. Pongal is served on a banana leaf to the relations United Nations agency provide prayers to nature spar, the sun and farmers.


Eating sugarcane is one in every of the necessary customs of Pongal. As Pongal is additionally a harvest pageant and sugarcane is that the product of the harvest, it's exhibited ahead of the homes or is tied to the jamb.
Festival of Thanksgiving for india

Pongal may be a pageant of thanksgiving once the entire day of Mattu Pongal is devoted to expressing because of the oxen of the family. On the day, farmers bathe their oxen, paint their horns with red, blue, yellow and inexperienced. Their foreheads area unit smirched with turmeric and also the necks area unit embellished exploitation garlands. Following this, offerings area unit given to them and area unit fed with Pongal.

Four Days of Pongal festival celebration

Falls within the month of Thai, Pongal is that the harvest pageant of province. The literal which means of the word, 'Pongal' means that, 'boiling over' and is that the solely Hindu pageant that follows a calendar. The pageant that is well known for four days witness vast celebrations as well as creating 'Kolams' decorating oxen and making ready Pongal - a sweet dish. . Special offerings area unit created to the sun god, Hindu deity to bestow smart harvest. individuals conjointly regard Pongal as extremely auspicious because it marks the start of Uttarayan - the journey of sun towards in the north. it's conjointly an event once individuals will have a brand new starting by discarding the recent garments and useless family utensils into a fire. The pageant is additionally the occasion for family get beside gift exchanges turning into its essential facet. browse more to understand a lot of regarding Pongal and also the celebrations that marks the four days of Pongal.

First Day - Bhogi Pongal

The first day of Pongal, Bhogi Pongal is well known to worship Lord Hindu deity United Nations agency bestows smart harvest. On these days, it's customary for individuals to discard or destroy recent garments into a fire. this tradition is symbolic of a brand new 'Thai' (January) once individuals draw kolams (floral styles fabricated from rice) ahead of their homes. Moreover, contemporary harvest of rice, sugarcane and turmeric is brought into the house for subsequent day. individuals conjointly perform special offerings before they cut the paddy and smear their tools with wood paste and worship the world and sun. On these days, individuals throw useless materials into a fire fabricated from wood and cow-dung cakes. women perform dances and sing songs in praise of gods, spring and harvest.

Second Day - Thai Pongal

The second day of the Pongal pageant, 'Thai Pongal' is additionally renowned by the name 'Surya Pongal'. these days is devoted to honouring the sun god, Surya. On these days, contemporary rice is collected and lyonnaise in pots until the water within the rice overflow. Then, the pots area unit embellished with sugarcane items, flowers and turmeric plants. the primary few rice is obtainable to the sun with individuals singing, 'Pongal-o-Pongal'. The sun god is additionally offered carbohydrate and stewed milk and also the image of sun god is drawn with Kolam around it. Following this, a puja is obtainable to the sun god to hunt his blessings. Worshippers conjointly prepare a dish known as venpongal that may be a combination of rice, catjang pea and sugar. there's conjointly a dish ready with decaliter and carbohydrate, referred to as sarkarai Pongal.

Third Day - Maatu Pongal 

The third day of Pongal, Maatu Pongal witness prayers being offered to the bulls, cows and alternative livestock that area unit used for agriculture. Farmers bathtub the oxen, paint the horns, cowl them with metal caps and enhance them with multi-colored beads, reverberant  beads, flower garlands and bunch of corn round the necks. Then, the oxen area unit idolized with individuals touching their feet and forehead and feed them with Pongal. The hanging feature of Maatu Pongal may be a pageant by the name, Jallikattu or taming the wild bull. tho' these sorts of events area unit command throughout province, the foremost common of them area unit those that area unit command at Alanganallur, close to Madurai.

Fourth Day - Kaanum Pongal 

The fourth day of the Pongal, Kaanum Pongal is that the final day of Pongal. The day is additionally celebrated as Thiruvalluvar day. 'Kaanum' means that, to look at and because the day indicates, it's the occasion for the relations to go to every other's families and exchange gifts. whereas younger members play respect and respect to the elder members, the elders show their love and compassion by giving cash to the younger members. In some places, individuals feed the crows with lyonnaise rice. Pongal, the four day long harvest pageant of province has heap of celebrations related to it. Hope this text familiarizes you with a number of these.

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