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what is pongal festival| and pongal importance

what is pongal festival| and pongal importance


Pongal is thought to be a harvest competition of South Asian country. it's one amongst the foremost necessary and well-liked Hindu festivals. The four-day long harvest competition of state, Pongal is all concerning thanksgiving to nature and takes its name from the Tamil word sense "to boil" and is command within the month of Thai (January-February). 'Ponga' virtually suggests that overflowing and is known as therefore attributable to the tradition of preparation the new rice in pots till they overflow, that is symbolic of abundance and prosperity.


Pongal Date is that the solstice within the Hindu calendar. The passing of the sun into the sign Capricorn marks it. Pongal is well known on this date itself and conjointly to celebrate the approaching of spring. There area unit many ways that of conniving the Hindu calendar, therefore Pongal date could vary by up to at least one day
Pongal is well known from Gregorian calendar month thirteen to sixteen per annum. The competition marks a amount of lots, peace and happiness. whereas every of its days features a special non secular significance, most urban folks celebrate second day because the main competition. Pongal is that the solely competition of Hindu that follows a calendar. On the primary day referred to as Bhogi, folks clean their homes completely and within the evening, all unwanted product area unit lit in an exceedingly fire. The second day is Perum Pongal, the foremost necessary. it's conjointly known as Surya Pongal as a result of folks worship Surya, the Sun God and his consorts, Chaya and Samgnya. girls beautify the central curtilage of their homes with lovely kolams, finished rice flour and deckle-edged with mineral. The third day, Mattu Pongal, is supposed to supply because of the cows and buffaloes, as they're accustomed plough the lands. Jallikattu, a violent taming the bull contest, marks at the moment. On the Judgment Day, Kanum Pongal, folks depart to picnic. throughout the Pongal season, folks eat sugar canes and beautify the homes with Dravidian.

The competition of Pongal is principally related to the agricultural folks. folks want one another on at the moment. Pongal desires area unit changed between family and friends, and there area unit celebrations among the family. mutually stand on the edge of the harvest season, everybody exchange Pongal desires, hoping that it brings the harbinger of fine luck, destiny and sensible cheer. The competition of Pongal is unforsaken notably by the farming community because it marks the top of harvest season.

Falls within the month of Thai, Pongal is that the harvest competition of state. The literal which means of the word, 'Pongal' suggests that, 'boiling over' and is that the solely Hindu competition that follows a calendar. The competition that is well known for four days witness Brobdingnagian celebrations together with creating

Pongal that falls on the month of Thai derived its name from the delicacy that is ready throughout the competition. Celebrated as a harvest competition or a thanksgiving ceremony, Pongal is additionally the occasion once the farmers specific their because of the spirits of nature together with.

Every Indian competition has ton of legends hooked up thereto and Pongal is not any totally different. Originated as a Dravidian competition, details of Pongal being celebrated area unit inscribed in temple in Tiruvallur and in Andal's 'Tiruppavai' and Manickavachakar's 'Tiruvembava'. Dated back to the Sangam

Pongal is one amongst the foremost fascinating festivals commemorated with nice enthusiasm in Asian country. this is often associate degree ancient harvest competition celebrated in state state and is command within the 'Thai' month, that begins from period of time to period.

Pongal could be a distinctive harvest competition celebrated for four days in state. This necessary competition is well known within the middle of Gregorian calendar month and is determined as the simplest way of thanking nature for all the marvelous gifts of harvest season. The word 'Pongal' suggests that 'to boil' within the Tamil language and this makes

Pongal, one amongst the foremost necessary harvest festivals of Asian country is well known with nice zest and vigor everywhere the country, particularly South Asian country. Marked by banqueting and celebration the competition of pongal is well known over a amount of 4 days. The word 'Pongal' suggests that boiling water and symbolizes

Significance of Pongal

Celebrated for four days, pongal is a vital harvest competition in south Asian country and is well known with vast passion and ardor. conjointly referred to as Makar Sankranti, in some components of the country, pongal is well known on the primary day of Thai, once the sun enters the Makara Rasi (Capricornus). Marking the arrival of spring.

Pongal round the World
Pongal, the Tamil harvest competition is well known with nice zest and vigor by Indian all round the world. With the dispersion of Tamils all across the world, the jubilations and festivities close this outstanding harvest competition of south Asian country will currently be witness throughout the globe.

Regional Significance of Pongal
Pongal, the competition of harvest, has is well known in numerous manners in numerous regions. although it's determined on constant day everywhere Asian country, however the celebrations vary from place to position. it's conjointly totally different names in every region. Yet, bonfires and feasts area unit the common components in Pongal celebration all over.

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