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Chinese Spring Festival celebration 2016: Tradition, History, Day-By-Day Guide

Chinese Spring Festival celebration 2016: Tradition, History, Day-By-Day Guide

Spring festival popularly called  as Chinese New Year within the West, is the most vital ancient pageant, and most vital celebration for families in China. it's a political candidate public vacation, throughout that most Chinese have seven days off work.
The Date show on the  lunar calendar
 twelve Chinese zodiac animal signs,

Chinese New Year 2016 begins on Monday eight Feb, and endwise twenty two Feb. it's day one month one in all the Chinese calendar, and its date in January or Feb varies from year to year (always somewhere within the amount January twenty one to Feb 20).
The Chinese calendar is related to the Chinese zodiac, that has twelve animal signs: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, Rooster, dog, and pig. every animal represents a year during a 12-year cycle, starting on Chinese January 1 Day. 2016 may be a year of the Monkey.

2016 is a Monkey Year ("Fire Monkey")

2016 may be a year of the "Monkey" per the Chinese 12-year animal zodiac (Heavenly Stem) cycle. If you were born during a Monkey year you must be notably careful in 2016, per Chinese star divination. See additional on a way to be lucky within the year of the Monkey.
2016 is moreover a year of the "Fire Monkey", per Chinese 5 part (Earthly Branch) Theory. A "Fire Monkey" year happens each sixty years. See a 5 part Character and Destiny Analysis for folks Born during a Year of the Monkey.

What China's New Year festival Is

The Longest Public vacation in China.In 2016 most Chinese are off work from Sunday, Feb seven (New Year's Eve) to weekday, Feb thirteen (the sixth day of Chinese New Year).Officially solely the primary 3 days of Chinese New Year (February 8–10, 2016) ar statutory vacation. Chinese {new year's|New Year's Day|New Year's|January 1|legal vacation|national holiday} Eve and 3 additional days ar continuously else to present seven consecutive days of holiday. These four additional days ar taken from weekends: the 2 weekend days nighest to the statutory vacation ar enclosed, whereas the weekday before (February six, 2016) and also the Sunday when (February fourteen, 2016) ar worked. additional on China's public holidays>>

A pageant for Families to Be along for dinner

Chinese January 1 Reunion Dinner 

Chinese New Year may be a time for families to be along. where they're, folks get across to celebrate the pageant with their families.The January 1 Eve dinner is named Reunion Dinner, and is believed to be the foremost vital meal of the year. huge families – families of many generations sit around spherical tables and luxuriate in the food and time along.The importance of reunion throughout the Spring pageant has caused some troublesome things for China's more and more effort. couples in recent years, United Nations agency wish to travel to totally different homes for the pageant. Divorce went on as a result of disputes over about to whose home for the pageant. (In the past a man and wife would continuously attend the man's home unless the husband joined the wife's family at wedding.

How Chinese New Year is well known historically or Spring festival History

The Spring pageant encompasses a history of quite four,000 years. it's aforementioned that it originated from a belief in deities that had to be sacrificed to each year. once the star terms modified, dictating farming activities, particularly at the top of a year, folks would sacrifice to the deities and pray for a decent harvest.Chinese New Year lion dance Many cultural activities occur throughout the pageant. Rural areas and little cities retain additional ancient celebrations, like setting off firecrackers, worship, and dragon dances. Setting off firecrackers and fireworks ar common throughout the Spring pageant season everywhere China; dragon dances and worship less therefore within the town.
At temple fairs in several Chinese cities ancient performances are often seen: dragon dances, lion dances, Associate in Nursingd performances representing palace events like an emperor's wedding. a good kind of ancient Chinese product ar on supply there, and strange Chinese snacks, seldom seen the remainder of the year. Beijing's temple fairs ar command in parks from the primary day of the year to the lamp pageant.   In North China folks perform varied versions of the Rice Sprout Song (扭秧歌 Niǔyāng Gē /nyoh-yang ger/ ‘twist sprout song'), a conventional Chinese dance performed by a bunch of colorfully-dressed ladies and men.

Lucky Decorations on china spring festival

 Red lanterns carry on a park in Peking

Every street, building, and home is embellished with red. “Red” is that the main color for the pageant, because it is believed to be Associate in Nursing auspicious color. Red lanterns carry on streets; red couplets ar affixed on doors; banks and official buildings ar embellished with red New Year footage portrayal pictures of prosperity.As 2016 is that the year of monkey, decorations associated with monkeys are ordinarily seen. There ar red monkey dolls for youngsters and New Year paintings with monkeys on. scan additional on Chinese New Year Decorations.

Red Envelopes — the foremost widespread Gifts.Like Christmas within the West, folks exchange gifts throughout the Spring pageant. the foremost common gifts ar red envelopes. Red envelopes have cash in, and ar given to youngsters and (retired) seniors. it's not a customs to present red envelopes to (working) adults. scan additional on Chinese New Year Gift ideas.Foods with Lucky Meanings are eaten .Chinese Dumplings may be a should for Chinese New Year.Certain foods ar eaten  throughout the pageant as a result of their symbolic meanings, supported their names or look.
Fish may be a should for Chinese New Year because the Chinese word for fish (鱼 yú /yoo/) looks like the word for surplus (余 yú). intake fish is believed to bring a surplus of cash and sensible luck within the returning year.
Another ancient Chinese New Year food is Chinese dumplings. as a result of the form of Chinese dumplings seems like  silver metal bar - a form of  ancient Chinese cash, Chinese folks believe intake dumplings throughout the New Year pageant can bring extra money and wealth for the approaching year. Other New Year food includes spring rolls, viscid rice cakes and Sweet Rice Balls.\

A Season of Superstitions — a way to be Lucky in 2016…

Chinese folks believe that, because the Spring pageant is that the begin of a replacement year, what you are doing then can have an effect on your luck within the returning year. There ar several taboos for the Spring pageant season. These taboos sometimes apply up to a month before the pageant and still the top of the pageant (day fifteen, the lamp Festival). they're strictly followed in rural areas by the older generations, however the younger generations and folks in urban areas might not grasp them.
Some Chinese folks believe that they mustn't do cleansing and wash their hair within the initial 3 days as which will sweep/wash away sensible luck.
A cry of a toddler is believed to bring dangerous luck to the family, that the young ar placated painstakingly.
To evoke a loan may be a huge "no-no".
Another attention-grabbing issue is that the red undergarment. you'll anger undergarment oversubscribed at supermarkets and street markets. Red is believed to keep off dangerous luck and misfortune. For the folks born during a year of the Monkey (1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004), red undergarment may be a should for 2016.
To pray during a temple throughout the Chinese New Year is alleged to be blessed, and can result in a sleek returning year. In Shanghai, China's biggest town, thousands flock to Longhua Temple, the city's biggest temple, praying permanently fortune. scan additional on belongings you Cannot Do throughout Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year 2016 — fashionable Activities

 Packed Guilin railroad terminal
It looks the complete nation is on the move throughout the pageant. The pageant is thebusiest travel season in China, once trains and buses ar totally packed. Even flight tickets ar arduous to urge.
Chinese folks do no matter they will to travel home to examine their families: shopping for a price ticket from scalpers at many times the worth, queuing for 3 days, fightingfor a price ticket to square for quite twenty hours in Associate in Nursing over-packed train, or riding a bus with twenty additional passengers on stools down the aisle for twelve hours or additional.
China's migrant employees ar the most force throughout this migration. They carry massive and significant luggage packed with their property and gifts, traveling usually from China's wealthy east back to their hometowns.

Chinese New Year may be a joyful time for many, except for singles on top of the traditional marital age it's not therefore. folks and relatives suppose they must be settled down.

In China, females ar aforementioned to be mature before thirty, and males before thirty two. those that aren't getting married before these ages ar thought to be the dregs of society.For these singles, folks ar very anxious. therefore January 1 Eve is heighted by embarrassing interrogations of the singles. folks even prepare geological dating for his or her single youngsters.

To solve this downside a remarkable, and infrequently ridiculous, answer has appeared —renting a fellow or girlfriend for the New Year. There ar websites and agents specialised during this business. Taobao, China's largest on-line distributer, encompasses a section for faux fellow and girlfriend rentals. the worth is regarding one hundred yuan (16 USD) on a daily basis.

Sending Lucky Chinese New Year mobile phone Messages

Sending mobile phone messages has become the most thanks to greet folks on Chinese January 1 Eve. within the past folks sent New Year cards or known as one another to specific their sensible desires throughout the Spring pageant. currently the majority use mobile phone text messages or WeChat (微信 Wēixìn /way-sshin/) to greet their friends.There ar plentiful messages on-line for folks to decide on from once New Year is returning. Long or short, these messages ar stuffed with heat and sensible desires.

Day-by-Day Guide to Chinese Spring festival 2016

January 22 – February 6
Homeward Bound, Cleaning, shopping
Crazy busy
End of year company events; winding down of operations
February 7 (New Year's Eve)
Pasting red couplets, hanging red lanterns, the New Year reunion dinner, setting off firecrackers, giving red envelops to kids, staying up late to watch CCTV’s New Year Gala
Better, but local transport can be busy
Most shops close by the afternoon
February 8 (New Year’s Day)
At midnight a barrage of fireworks and firecrackers like WW3, more firecrackers in the morning (before opening the door) and early evening (before dinner); visiting neighbors or friends and relatives nearby; giving kids redenvelopes, staying at home to relax or visiting parks
No bank or government office is open. Only big shopping malls are open.
February 9 (Chinese New Year day 2)
Visiting friends or relatives, firecrackers for greeting guests and before dinner
Almost no bank or government office is open. Only big shopping malls are open.
February 10 (Chinese New Year day 3)
Visiting friends and relatives in the city or friends and family in nearby villages
Local travel and town and village buses are busy, but travel to other cities and domestic flights are ok.
Some banks and government offices are open, but business is limited and hours are much shorter. Only some big shopping malls are open.
February 11–12 (Chinese New Year days 4 and 5)
The statutory holiday period is over. Some people will keep visiting friends and relatives; some will go back to work.
Very busy
Most banks and government offices will be open, but business is limited and hours are shorter. Most shops will be open.
February 13 (New Year day 6)
For most it’s the first day back at work.
Very busy
Almost all shops, companies, and offices will reopen on this day, because 6 is a lucky number in Chinese culture.
February 14–22 (New Year days 7–15)
Return travel; Lantern Festival is on the 15th
Crazy busy
Some businesses may choose the 8th (February 15) to reopen, as 8 is also a lucky number. The non-superstitious may reopen on the 7th (February 14)

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