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Happy Chinese new Year Lanterns

The Chinese New Year is a time for cheerfulness, spreading good joyfulness and lighting up lives with smiles and happy moments. People celebrating this festival coddle in a lot of events to guide in a brand new year.
Creating beautiful lanterns is also one of the most important portions of the Chinese New Year celebrations. Persons around the world take part in making delightful lanterns as the festivities climax with the Lantern festival. It is an amazing scene to see colorful, bright lanterns decorating every house.The tradition of finish the Chinese New year celebrations with the Lantern festival also times back to the Han Dynasty (206 BC- 221 AD). It is usually celebrated on the 15th day of the first month of the lunar calendar. Seeing this festival suggests the end of the New Year festivities.

Chinese New Year Lanterns History

People put in a lot of effort, time and energy to make original and vibrant lanterns that can be showed at the lantern festival. The festive mood is physical during the day as people come out with their bright-lit lanterns of variable shapes, sizes and also colors. It is much like the Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival in Taiwan. The entrance of houses looks more superb as the lanterns of different colors and sizes light up the outside of the homes and increase the beauty of the place. Some lanterns are made in the form of animals, flowers, insects, famous people or even machines or buildings. People also take motivation from stories and craft their lanterns to show the moral of popular stories that carry honesty and traditional values. A lot of people learn the craft of making lanterns before the coming of the festival and try to get necessary supplies to make a beautiful one in shortest span of time possible.
Colored paper, cutters, gum or tape are some of the most basic things that can be used to make a beautiful Chinese New Year lantern. The first step towards making a lantern is to fold a rectangular piece of paper in half and then making a series of cuts along the fold line. Remember not to cut the edges of the paper. Open up the folded paper and apply gum or main the limits of the paper together. The end of the lantern can be decorated with a bit of paper cut out and stuck to it with gum or fixed to it. This can act as the handle of the lantern.
For those who do not wish to make the lanterns at home can also buy them. Shops during the Chinese New Year festival are filled with colorful lanterns of variable designs and sizes. You can get it from shops outside and modify it by writing down your wishes on the lantern. Pick the color of the lantern as per the meaning they carry. According to a popular belief, picking up a red color lantern is believed to bring good luck throughout the year and ward off the evil. Lovers can gift pink lanterns to their partners as pink is careful a sign of romance.
Mid most lanterns, the one most talked about in the history is the Chinese lantern showing the dragon boat racing. It is said to have originated in China more than 2,000 years ago. It shows three people rowing a boat. As per renowned stories, a Chinese belief that godly spirits can be realized flying in the sky on the first full moon of the lunar calendar is said to have given birth to the celebrations and holidays configuration the lantern festival. The stories state that people used the torches to quest for their feelings to help them locate the emotional state in the light. These torches gave way to lanterns of varying size, colors and shapes.In antediluvian days, the Lantern festival was also popularly stated to as the Chinese Valentine’s Day. It was assumed that the day design the end of the festivities of Chinese New Year was also a day when girls and boys in secret went out together in the evening. Hence, the festival was deliberated to be the day of romance for most young devotees.

One of the important traditions observed as a part of the lantern festival is answering the puzzle that is involved to the lanterns. The game of solving is a good lot of fun. In the old days, lesser-known literary mentions to the Chinese models were used to play the riddle game. It was mostly witnessed by the cultured classes. Today, several competitions are held to choice out the best lanterns.Today, Chinese New Year Lanterns are lighted up in most home environment celebrating the important lunar festival, across China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan.
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